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Monarch Kids

Online Home School 

Welcome to our Monarch Kids page! 

This is an online home school for kids aged 5-12. You do not have to be out of school to join Monarch Kids. 

Our classes may include exclusive things that you might not be able to find in most schools, and we will try to pinpoint interesting subjects that expand your child's mind. 

Our school will help your child think ahead of time and become more forward thinking than they will become at school. Our classes will not be like regular schools too. Every class will be taught by the owner and founder of Monarch Kids, Isis Teng, 11 years old, with support from her mother, Yvette Sitten. 

Come join us in teaching kids in a new way! 

In live Zoom sessions, we will explore:


History of Gods and Goddesses

The Story of the Vote (The Suffragettes)

Changing the World

Art of the Century

with fun quizzes, joyful tests and enjoyable discussions in each session. 

Please sign up for our membership and join New Age Learning! 

Let’s Learn Together

Get in touch for questions answered and to speak directly with our team. 

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