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Welcome to our new beginning....

Through the ages, the butterfly has been linked to rebirth and resurrection, and the soul's journey through consciousness. The ancients believed the butterfly represented the ultimate spiritual destiny of the human. Thus, to become the butterfly represented the soul's freedom into enlightenment. 


Aurora Alchemy has developed the world's first ever range of solar alchemy essences based on the healing properties, transformational stages and vibrational energy of the Monarch butterfly. 

Aurora Essences hold the high frequency golden light of the Monarchs, who embody the Christ Codes of Unconditional Love and Creator Consciousness. Together with the monarch butterflies, we have co-created a distillation of light that has now come together as the Aurora Alchemy Butterfly Essences.

Through our unique process of co-creating with the Monarchs, our 8 essences impart the pure light and joy that went into the creation of these healing tonics....a process so remarkable and divinely guided by a higher intelligence. Each essence represents a stage in the growth and development of the metamorphosis of the butterfly, and a graceful unfolding into the possibilities of transformation. 

Butterflies are special emissaries of our times. They hold a special remedy for the earth. Their medicine is potent, if rare and works swiftly. However, very few people have been able to work with butterflies, although there is a gathering sense that their symbolic meaning and medicine may be of vital importance to us as we enter a global state of change and metamorphosis. Butterflies are even more shy and elusive than bees, and potentially their species is in the greatest danger - or will be, in times to come. 

Butterfly medicine is  gentle yet very powerful, able to flush trauma and stored emotion from the cells in a way that nothing else is able to achieve. This makes it ideal for the delicate healing needed for physical traumas and inner child issues. Butterfly medicine also assists with removal of poisons and parasites, and is swift in correcting imbalance. When there is exposure to pollution and environmental toxins, the essences help build a shield of light in the aura. Most of all, our butterfly essences work on the heart, opening it to transformation. 

Essences are internal remedies, used since ancient times to realign and shift the inner waters of the person, and to imbue vibrational properties of plants, crystals or living things into water. By taking remedies under the tongue, this could help vibrationally adjust or balance the user though the energetic water infusion. 

Through the process of solar alchemy, the purified water in each 30ml bottle contains vibrational medicine of butterfly energy, gemstones, oils, flowers and precious metals, in 10% organic alcohol.


Drops are taken under the tongue 3-5 times a day until bottle is finished. 

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