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The Goddess and the sacred feminine are reawakening the hearts and minds of peoples throughout the world. This reemergence coincides with the growth of other movements which affirm the interconnectedness and sanctity of life. Peace, environmental, human rights and earth religion movements find guidance and inspiration from the images, traditions and values of the ancient goddess.


The Goddess herstories and ancient artifacts link us back to primordial matraiarchal societies, and practices that honour the regenerative mother principle that underpins the flourishing of life. 


The Goddess is more than just “the feminine”. The Goddess represents a unity and a wholeness, which is the birthright and full potential of every human being. 


The qualities of The Goddess are not only softer aspects of nurturance, cooperation, compassion, sensuality, peacemaking and egalitarianism, but also power, fierceness and rationality. The Goddess is another word for the life force, both physical and nonphysical. She is all that is. 


The Goddess is love united with power, for a love more powerful and a power that is loving.


Divine feminine traditions of anointing go back in time, through royal ceremonial initiations, queenly beauty rituals, legends of alchemical potions of supernatural power and the mother worship rituals that harnessed the powers of nature. 


An oil represented the spirit of the gods and scent was the fragrance gateway to receiving heavenly vibrations. The spiritual approach towards the use of essential oils characterized the Egyptian central concept of ‘As Above So Below’. A perfume had the power to create a state of wellbeing, through its existence as a fragrant medium to connect to a higher plane of consciousness. 


Priestesses of anointing conducted ceremonial rituals for healing and receiving of the divine spirit. The most powerful of these healers were known as the Priestesses of Isis, the female spiritual leaders of ancient Egypt. Isis Priestesses were proficient at healing the sick, as midwives and birthers, conducting ceremonies for the people and spiritually training and anointing the pharoah into the role of sovereign. 


Alchemy was a sacred science and anointing ceremonies were elaborate occasions of spiritual embodiment of the God Force. Essential Oils as healing substances embodying the Spirit of nature and the living consciousness of plants were the basis of the first medicines we know.  In no other form are the gifts of naure more potent - through essential oils the liquid life force of mother nature is made real. 


Aurora Alchemy is proud to reawaken this ancient tradition of healing. Within its knowledge base are tried and true substances of powerful benefit to humanity. Through the remembrance of rituals and healing practices, we return to our senses, restored to our wholeness. 


Within our lexicon, you will find sacred practices of anointing and self care that elevate your life to super-natural levels of wellness. 


Using Aurora Alchemy is self-care at the highest level - delve into our world of high grade beauty oils with a mindful purpose. Here are our favourite ways to self-anoint : 


1. daily ritual


To be performed daily post-shower, when the pores are steamed open - the best state for delivery of essential oil molecules! Using 2-3 dropperfuls of oil, warm the liquid between the palms of your hands. Breathe in the scent and begin to massage the oil onto skin using long, firm strokes. Coat the skin with oil and add more oil as needed. Work your way down the body and end at the feet. Massage a little oil onto the ends of your hair and onto your face and neck. Stand in prayer position for a few moments, in gratitude and appreciation for life’s blessings.  


2. morning inhalations


Use one dropperful of oil between the palms of your hands. Rub vigorously to activate the essential oil blend and when warmed, bring your cupped palms towards your face and breathe deeply. Take 3 breaths, filling your lungs with the scent. Rub your hands again together to release more volatile compounds, and breathe again 3 times. Do this one more time and feel all mind chatter and concerns simply melt away. Sit in silence to integrate the divine energies setting the intentions of the day. 


3. wrist anointing


Boost yourself with energy by anointing 1-2 drops of oil on each wrist and rub wrists together. Breathe in, taking a few breaths. Rub remaining oil onto forehead, back of neck, throat and heart. You will feel re-energized and rebooted, with positive transformations to your day. 


4. visualisations


Rub a few drops of oil between palms of hands and breathe in. Visualise your goal and ask for divine assistance in achieving it. Sit in meditation for a few moments to receive extra power and intuitive messages. Set a timeline for your goal and be open to messages for the rest of the day. 


5. massage


Mix 2-3 dropperfuls of Aurora oil into a bowl of warmed coconut oil for a dreamy massage oil. Use for couples massage for an out-of-this-world experience.


6. royal anointing ritual


Combine 4 dropperfuls of Aurora oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Warm the mixture and drip the oil, using both hands, down the body. Using long slow deliberate strokes, spread the warmed oil all over the body, coating the skin in a fragrant film. Massage into skin until absorbed, and skin is supple and smooth. This luxurious ritual creates the most beautiful sense of restoration and feeling loved. 


7. yoga


Activate your chakras by rubbing a few drops of oil onto each point. Create a yogic practice for balancing each chakra to maximise the effects of the oils. 


8. meditation


Oils can be great enhancers for any mindfulness practice, as scent liberates emotion and quiets the mind. Bringing scent into a meditation practice can mean a transformation into the feeling senses and trigger a far deeper practice than previously achieved. 


9. micro-rituals


Try a 1 minute meditation to elevate your day. Apply the oils between palms of your hands and breathe for one full minute. Focus on the breath and let go of everything else. Enjoy the swift clearing of the mind and the wide open space that appears within, especially as you integrate this ritual consistently throughout your day. 


10. space clearing


Anoint oils in corners of rooms, or mix with water and spray into the air to clear offices, bedrooms, homes, and even outdoor spaces. The oils create grids of light that usher in beneficent energy. Use alongside smudge sticks and other space clearing tools to protect a space from energetic invasion. 

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