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"My Aurora Alchemy oils are like my mini special 'Om' moment, they make me feel better at those times when you really can't do anything else.

They're aromatherapy oils but I wear them daily as a perfume too. I have an array of different ones that float around my bag."

 - Dry & Tea - Auckland NZ

"...I meditate with my Aurora Alchemy Oils to get into a state of relaxation."

- Cheryl Myles - The Shan & Cheryl Show - 1FM, Singapore

It’s not often that one can say that they fell into a meditative state in a bustling Ponsonby café, but I did, courtesy of the powers of Yvette Sitten, the spiritual dynamo behind Aurora Alchemy. 

- Helene Ravlich: Natural Beauty

I was given...

"Aurora Alchemy Goddess Oils - fantastic! I wear them every day, as they make me feel amazing and balanced. When I put them on, whether I'm feeling stuck or challenged, they make me feel uplifted and amazing". 

  - Louise Pilkington - Fashion Expert

I first knew about Aurora Alchemy‘s Goddess Oils. They are essential oil blends which I enjoy dotting a drop or two on my wrists and inhaling the delicate fragrance whenever I need to calm myself down. Sometimes during times when I feel frazzled, I warm a few drops between my palms, take a few deep breaths and I am soothed. I love these Goddess Oils a lot because they are so uplifting and every bottle label bears a positive message that makes me feel empowered, blessed, calm and confident. Sometimes I idly pick up the bottle, read the label and I break out into a small smile because the words are so encouraging, fun and positive.

  - Moonberry Blog

"Made in New Zealand, Aurora Alchemy has created 17 archetypal body blends so that you can embody and express these energies in your daily life and inner rituals. Sourced from the most rare and precious essential oils and blended by hand, we’re reminded of nature’s most universal archetype – the World Mother, the giver of life, the healer and the nurturer. "

 - Tracy Phillips Present Purpose Blog

What are your Top Five travel essentials?
Charmed Moonstone amulet, as it is a traveler’s protection stone; my EarthPacs; my multi-functional Key To Freedom sarong; Aurora Alchemy ”Goddess” oils; and Kindle.

 - Charmain Harn - Supermodel - in Where Oh Where Blog

..."Do NOT miss your chance to experience her exceptional Aurora Alchemy oils and perfumes! Truely exquisite, and powerful to boot. 

  - Healium Magazine of Mind Body Spirit Festival UK

"...prescribes charged essential oils that you wear that have the ability to transform mood and change your perspective for the better."

  - Nicolas Travis - Mens Folio Magazine

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