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Yvette Sitten is an alchemist & maker of magical substances. 


Her domain is the world of alchemy, where elemental energies and sacred plant knowledge are fused into a synthesis of the ancient/modern future template - a vision of ancient knowledge re-awakening to new technology and human capabilities. 


Sitten’s range of alchemical oils have garnered users from all continents of the planet. Her expertise in vibrational healing oils under the Aurora Alchemy banner have led to speaking engagments and workshops in major cities as well collaborations with organizations incorporating the power of oils into their opening ceremonies. 


She holds anointing ceremonies all over the world at sacred sites to lead groups into the conscious healing of the planet. 


Working with the memories and forgotten histories of temple sites throughout the ancient cultures, Sitten’s work explores the intersectional crossing point of sacred art, living monuments and the importance and power of healing ceremony to restore consciousness and site signficance to both places and people. 

Sitten leads meditation and mindfulness training courses for private groups, energy workshops, retreats, and is available for online consultation for healing and mentoring sessions. 


Sitten, also a journalist and documentary-maker, applies her background of research and story-gathering to the realm of spirit, intution and transformative natural medicine. Her focus/practice as a holistic entrepreneur encompasses the synergistic collaboration with Gaia in all aspects of life. 

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Yvette’s impressive journalism background for major publications (Sunday Times UK - Elle) and international television broadcasters (CNBC - Head Producer “Asian Working Woman”; National Geographic- History Channel) fortified her innovative research into light-age healing while her divine blends are out-of-this-world "quantum doorways" of the finest alchemy available today. 

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