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Aurora Masterclass Series

The 10 Laws of Lakshmi 

October 9 & 10, 8-10pm NZ (GMT+12)

At this time on earth, we are reviewing and rebirthing the meaning of abundance, and wealth, as financial systems shift and collapse in reponse to the upgraded frequencies of the new timeline. Even as systems crash, new systems of light are rising, businesses working with higher consciousness are thriving, and inner wealth is becoming the new symbol of success. 

As more souls on planet Earth tap in the new laws of attraction, the superconscious network of light comes forward to offer the new strategies and alignments that will shift each soul into the true potential of limitless supply.


Join Goddess Lakshmi, Avatar of Fortune and Wealth, in a 2-day masterclass retreat to unlock your true wealth visionary path, clear the shadows of past poverty and liberate your limitless relationship to abundance in your life! 

Heal poverty and lack consciousness with Lakshmi's survival guide into the New Earth energies. The spiritual value of wealth and abundance comes to you in this affirmation workshop attuning you to your inner worth and true spiritual value.


The innate connection to universal nourishment will be strengthened through practising the Laws of Lakshmi. Discover Lakshmi's insights into thriving from your inner space of limitless resource and discover the endless abundance of the Universe in you. 

During 2 Zoom workshops over 2 nights, you will receive downloads and transmissions from Lakshmi, as her golden light frequency is channelled to you through her 10 Laws of Abundance.


  • Clear facets of lack and deprivation that have kept you locked in limits that are not in alignment with your divine self, in order to move past them forever.

  • By integrating the 10 Laws in your energy field, you will experience a release from the old paradigm of lack and fear, and move forward with a new consciousness of how to receive and align with your greatest possibilities. 

  • Goddess Lakshmi opens the gateway to the New Earth, as a new system of wealth consciousness now begins to take hold in the world.


Find out why consciousness is the new currency, how to activate pleasure and joy in your financial life and liberate yourself from poverty patterns that no longer serve your soul. 

"I am flowing all that is yours to you now. Step forth from the frequency of lower dimensional wants so you can encompass what is heading your way. Low vibrations keep you locked in fear and anxiety. High vibrations liberate you. So I am liberating you through this transmission to be free of your fears as you move through into the new cycle, where abundance is yours when you call for it. You already know how to do this, but to shift into full receptivity is beyond your current capacity. You are here to receive abundance that is of limitless flow, simply because your energy calls for it. At this time, the new currency is consciousness. Your consciousness determines the new wealth on earth." - Goddess Lakshmi

Please prepare for this workshop with pen and paper, a comfortable place to sit to receive transmissions (or lie down), and quiet space around you so you can fully receive this powerful transmission from Goddess Lakshmi. 

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