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10 things you didn't know about Charmaine Harn

Where’s your favourite city in the world?
Ooh, it’s a close fight between Paris and Amsterdam.

What are your Top Five travel essentials?
Charmed Moonstone amulet, as it is a traveler’s protection stone; my EarthPacs; my multi-functional Key To Freedom sarong; Aurora Alchemy ”Goddess” oils; and Kindle.

The very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is…
Smile. And kiss my partner in bed next to me. 

What are you reading now?
How To Forget by Marius Brill.

Your stone of the moment?

What are five beauty items you can’t do without these days?
My Aveeno face moisturiser, Crystal Stick deodorant, Burt’s Bees brightening daily facial cleanser, Garnier Skin Renew concealer, and Nars ”Orgasm” blusher.

Do you have a mantra?
Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.

What’s the surest way to put a smile on your face?
Snuggling up to a friendly animal or connecting with a kid.

Three things you always have in your bag are…
Lip balm, wet wipes and my keys. I know, the last one is boring and obvious, but it’s the truth!

Your secret to a good selfie…
Lighting! A lot of people think it’s the angle or that mirror selfies look best, but I find natural lighting is always the most flattering for selfies.

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