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Orange combines the power of red with the wisdom & control of yellow. It is a dynamic power ray like red but with more thoughtfulness and control. It is restorative to mind, body and soul.


It can be used effectively for creative projects, art, design and all things involving powerful transmission of thoughts, words & concepts. Orange promotes alertness, reduces shock & tension, as well as reducing mental chatter & negative self talk. It nourishes & promotes confidence on a cellular level.


Orange brings in:

  • creative exploration

  • playfulness

  • freedom from boredom

  • freshness

  • practical applications of energy


Wearing orange and working with orange ray elements can

  • spark creativity

  • heal creative blockages

  • help with “waking up”

  • increase alertness

  • assist with multidimensional awareness

  • connecting to play of the inner child


Orange is the colour ray of radiance, love and support from the Source. Combining the solar ray of yellow with the power ray of red, orange ray aspects include the time of harvest, renewal and reward, returns of energy, nourishment and unlimited bounty. It is a powerful colour of change, especially creative change. It is the colour of the revolution at work. 


Use the Orange Ray for :

  • lack of inspiration or staleness

  • to bring freshness & vibrancy to all situations

  • to awaken the mind & heart as one

  • decorating creative spaces & adding dynamic energy

  • Empowerment & Alertness

Diana is the goddess of empowerment, the fierce goddess of the hunt, the divine lady of the forest and the great mother of the moon, of the stars and of all the warrior and priestess lineages of the planet. 

Diana gives empowerment, confidence and a boosting of self esteem that allows the user to tackle great challenges that would ordinarily faze or intimidate them. With the energy of this great goddess, there is nothing that one cannot achieve - for within her energetic field are untold successes, victories and triumphs that will support and uplift the energy field of the wearer.

She is the mother of all healing, of all alchemy, she is the mistress of magic potions and flower remedies and she is the mother of the Amazonian warriors, the Valkyries, and all the celestial warrior angels.


Diana confers success and charisma with the magnetic power to command attention and respect in situations related to work and career advancement. Diana’s keen focus is to progress in actioning every plan and project that needs to be completed within a certain framework of time.

She is the great clock watcher and time keeper and is able to execute and deliver results in specific and limited spaces and periods.


Diana is a master of multi tasking, of juggling heavy workloads and scattered tasks. She comes to lift the burden of over-responsibility from your shoulders   and she heals any sense of imperfection related to not being the superwoman or superman that modern life sometimes demands of each of us.

Diana works with the Sacral Chakra (located at the womb area) which governs creative and sensual drives, and is the seat of your feminine power. This chakra, when in balance, can bring all chakras into harmony. Working with the Sacral Chakra is absolutely essential for birthing powerful new visions, manifesting through magnetism AND fully enjoying all life has to offer. 


DIANA EMPOWERMENTBy Aurora/ Voice: Yvette Sitten/ Music: Izumi Watanabe

The Goddess Power Connection Meditations can be played and listened to repeatedly. Each meditation is designed to take you to new levels of inner and outer connection. Take time to explore these channelled meditations for the soul, healing frequencies of music and energy transmissions. Be open to seeing visuals and sensory activations. Write down your experiences immediately after each session to record dramatic shifts in perception and sensitivity! 


The woody melody of Frankincense comes into harmony with delicate Frangipani & grounding Patchouli, within this crisp blend of alertness, focus and dynamic force. The Goddess Diana is the Divine Huntress who hits all targets with graceful speed, skilled twists & turns & unerring aim.  


Using this oil empowers the day with action & decisiveness. This essence of superheroic stamina & multitasking prowess drives forward plans and schemes to success and completion, while boosting confidence & self-worth.


Apply to sacral area and heart to restore confidence and boost strength of will. With daily use all targets can be reached. Highly energetic tonic.


Boosts creativity & productivity. Assists with public speaking & appearances. Helpful for helping meetings go your way. This is the ultimate confidence potion for an electrically charged personal presence. Offers the courage to be your own star.

Healing Ritual with Goddess Diana


The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations. The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. 

To heal the sacral chakra and recalibrate it to wholeness, use 10 drops of Diana oil, anointing the entire sacral band. Allow any feelings and emotions to arise, seeing and feeling Diana removing old blockages from you. Ask Diana to cut all cords attached to your sacral, which she severs with her mighty sword. End this ritual by tuning in to the Diana meditation. Lie down with your favourite orange crystal and let the Goddess work on your energy body.  





DIANA works with the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs creativity, sensuality, inner power, 

motherhood, drive. It is the Seat of Courage. 


Working with this chakra aids in manifestation, amplification of creativity & a boost of faith in one’s innate abilities. Ability to nurture, birth the new & be dynamic in life are results of activating this chakra. A passion for life characterizes a healthy sacral chakra. 


Using Diana to cover the entire sacral chakra boosts inner power, creating confidence, self belief & trust in one’s creative expression. It produces healthy “gut feelings” of empowerment, success and strength to dismantle all obstacles with focus & determination. 

The chakra originates from the Sanskrit word “Svadhishthana,” which translates as “one’s own place” and refers to the true and untarnished aspects of the real you. 

Orange peel contains more than four times as much fiber as the fruit inside, and more tangeretin and nobiletin—flavonoids with anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Grate and sprinkle zest on green beans or asparagus. For dessert, simmer strips in simple syrup and cover in melted dark chocolate.  While most edible flowers have a subtle flavour, nasturtiums packs a strong peppery taste.

Try orange foods for the sacral chakra

especially carrots, oranges & orange juice. Luscious juicy fruits can also help to charge this chakra so have some melon, mango or strawberries.  Balance your sacral chakra with all things orange. Think orange peppers, peaches, apricots, and sweet potatoes. Foods rich in Omega-3s, such as salmon, also work well to balance this chakra.

mesmerised by the orange ray....


Crystal Oracle

Your Crystal of the Day is Carnelian

Carnelian is like the Sun shining within you, washing clean shadows and sorrow. Create the world the way you want - the only rule is, to be free and uniquely YOU. Carnelian guides you back to the creative fire within your heart. If a new relationship has comle into your life, now is the time to act. Carnelian also promises that every act of fearlessness will be met with success. Wearing Carnelian empowers and heals while giving power to all creative efforts. 


 During the Rainbow Alchemy Lab arts residency, at Wharepuke Sculpture Park in Kerikeri, where this work was developed as a template for wellness, we were honoured to work alongside New Zealand artists whose unique voices strive to reveal the sublime elegance, life, strength and spirit that is present in all matter.

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