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The power to create your perfect world becomes yours with the very first drop of Aurora Mystica, a perfume both commanding and unforgettable. Deep, woody with ciruts-like floral notes that instantly intoxicate the senses. This extravagant oil never fails to become a secret obsession. 


Undulating deep notes of two rare blends of Oud, Dragon Oud from Cambodia and the world’s most prized Oud from Malaysia, mingle with the high notes of a rare Middle Eastern mountain bloom known by locals as The Silver Birthday Flower, because it opens only once a year to release its incredible fragrance.

Aurora Mystica Perfume Oil

SKU: 0018
  • Applications:

    Apply one drop sparingly to inside of wrists, rub wrists together to activate the perfume. 

    This oil is potent enough to last all day. Reapply only if scent has been completely absorbed into skin. 

    This oil has an unlimited shelf life and will age like a fine wine.


    This perfume oil assists in all forms of manifestation and achievement of goals. It enables powerful meditation states that go beyond previous limits. It creates an energetic state where everything is possible. Aurora Mystica is not advised for beginners in meditation. We suggest 3-5 years of meditation as a pre-requisite to using this oil to its greatest benefit. 


    Aurora Mystica is an oil that links the practitioner to the cosmic consciousness.

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