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Chrism - the anointing oil of holy and royal traditions, the ultimate oil of Christic anointing. An alchemical experiment to formulate an oil based on the ingredients used for the Royal Coronation led to the creation of 3 powerful anointing oils, each with different intents and purposes.  


All of the blends are crafted using the same recipe, but each one has a unique combination of oils in varying proportions. This results in a distinct and individual scent package for each blend, offering a diverse range of aromas and therapeutic benefits. 


Created as the second blend in the Chrism range, the Chrism of the Cat offers you the power and mighty presence of the Great Cat, the Lion, the embodiment of the Christ King. The Lion is the vehicle of power, the guardian of the monarch, with the ferocity needed to successfully defend the crown and throne. 


This is a strong and protective oil, embodying the spirit of the Lion, with warm woody notes of Benzoin and Amber supporting delicious key notes of Cinammon and Rose de Mai Absolute, the May roses gathered in Grasse, France. Orange blossom and Neroli from Egypt complete the traditional olive and sesame oil blend as the afternotes that lusciously linger on the skin. 


This oil alerts and awakens all the senses, offering a connection to the pleasure and power of life as a tantric weaving and union with the divine. Its energy is grounded and earthy, much like a great cat with senses fully alert, ready to pounce. There is a kinetic potential in this oil, the power of what has not yet been fully expressed - therefore, all that is hidden and submerged, lost and missing, can be called forth when using this potent elixir. 


It is an oil of powerful presence and majesty. 

Use sparingly on forehead, wrists, feet and heart. 


30ml in Amber dropper bottles. 


Chrism oils are anointing oils created for ceremonial uses, and are not recommended as a body  moistuiser. Please patch test if you have sensitive skin as this blend contains high content of cinammon, which can be an irritant to some skin types. 

Chrism of the Cat/Lion

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