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The third blend in our Chrism range, the Miraculous oil is overlighted by Mother Mary and her miracle lineage of healing power. The power to heal the sick, to rescue entire villages from plagues, her healing spings, the many apparitions and holy signs attributed to Mother Mary - all these miracles have been accompanied by the energy of the white rose. 


To work with Mother Mary, white roses must be used. In this blend, White Rose Otto absolute, one of the rarest rose oils in the world, was sourced from Bulgaria for this blend. This infuses the blend with an otherworldly aroma, with a special light signature and frequency. 


Neroli is another key note in Miraculous, balanced with Royal Amber from Egypt, creating a balanced floral bouquet of intoxicating depth. 


Transcendent, luminous and rapturous, this oil sends the senses into new heights and dimensions. 




Anoint on third eye, heart and crown chakra. This blend is also suitable for massaging into the skin and afflicted areas. 

Chrism of the Miraculous

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