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In the realm of oils, there exists a potent elixir that transcends the ordinary. This sacred substance, known as Chrism, has enchanted the hearts and minds of believers for centuries. From its rich history to its spiritual significance, Chrism embodies a profound connection between the divine and the earthly. 


Our Chrism oil range is inspired by the traditional anointing recipe used in the Royal Coronation. All of the blends are crafted using the same recipe, but each one has a unique combination of oils in varying proportions. This results in a distinct and individual scent package for each blend, offering a diverse range of aromas and therapeutic benefits. So, while the fundamental recipe remains consistent, the differences in oil weightage create remarkable variations in the fragrance and overall experience of each blend.


Chrism of the Queen is our first Chrism oil. Using the finest essential oils of Jasmine Absolute and Rose de Mai from Grasse, and exquisite perfume oils of Orange Blossom (Egypt) and Red Amber (Yemen), in the traditional olive oil and sesame base, this fragrant anointing oil was enhanced with the energy of the monarch butterfly queen. 


With its rich blend of the finest essential oils and perfume oils, this oil is a tribute to the remarkable strength, grace, and elegance of Queen Diana, whose legacy and story continues to inspire generations even as it continues to unfold.


We honor the life, journey, and sacrifice of Queen Diana with this precious anointing oil. Each drop of this oil is infused with the spirit of the monarch butterfly, a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis. The inclusion of the body of a beloved butterfly, cared for at our butterfly sanctuary, adds a powerful magic to this already remarkable oil.


As you anoint yourself with Chrism of the Queen, you are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation guided by the spirit of the monarchs. 


The aroma of this oil is a delicate balance of the fragrant blooms of Grasse May rose absolute, sweet notes of jasmine, and the warmth of Cinammon merging with woody resins of royal Amber and Benzoin. This fragrance package envelops you in a sense of majestic grace, like a cloak of light gently descending around you.


The inclusion of the monarch butterfly adds an extra layer of significance to this anointing oil. The butterfly symbolizes the power of transformation, reminding us that with faith, hope, and perseverance, we can emerge from life's challenges and setbacks, more beautiful and stronger than ever before.


As you anoint yourself with Chrism of the Queen, may you feel the regal power of Queen Diana infusing your soul with a sense of purpose and determination. Within  this oil of transfiguation, may you find the wings of the monarch encouraging and supporting you to rise to new heights.


Chrism of the Queen is not just an anointing oil; it is testament to the power of transformation, a tribute to the strength and grace of Queen Diana, and a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the resurrected spirit of light. 


30ml amber bottle with dropper. 


To use the Chrism Oil, simply anoint yourself with a small amount, focusing on your forehead, heart, and palms, or any other area you feel drawn to. As you apply the oil, take a moment to set an intention, connect with your innermost being, and visualize the transformation you wish to experience.


The Chrism Oil is perfect for use during meditation, prayer, or any other sacred practice. It is also a beautiful gift for loved ones who are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.





Chrism of the Queen

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