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Fresh, powdery notes of Peru Balsam & Immortelle are supported by liquorice healing tones of Ravensara & the sweetest blossoms of Orange & Neroli...for a blend of exceptional lightness & Herculean power. Elephant god Ganesha banishes obstacles & promotes kindness to all living creatures. 


Diamond Earth is a tonic for babies & new mothers, as well as all who wish to welcome innocence, freshness & child’s play into their lives. This amazing blend is a both a baby growth & mother restoration miracle, with properties that trigger regeneration & renewal of the body & spirit. Its precious substances are designed to imbue with strength, vitality & patience as the process of exceptional growth takes place. 

Diamond Earth Ganesha Potion

SKU: 0014
  • Applications:

    Diamond Earth is a rescue remedy after great transitions such as childbirth. It serves as a gentle reawakening of the senses into a new state. It is rebirth at its most vulnerable & its most shining state.


    It holds the diamond consciousness of a life unsoiled by earthly grime, existing within a divinely protected state. This magical reality is embodied in ancient & powerful oils which have won respect over centuries for their ability to trigger higher & enlightened states of consciousness. 


    To return to innocence…a state known as bliss. Using this oil activates the Bliss Body, the 5th dimensional state of achievement, where new abilities & powers are made available through the experience of cosmic joy. 


    This is a high & heady state to live in. To breathe Diamond Earth is to drink in a wealth of cosmic love. Wrap your skin in this oil which assists in cellular regeneration. Use after baths & before bedtime. Look out for elephant signs…Lord Ganesha is calling!

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