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Deep spices of Clove & Frankincense are harnessed into a healing blend of powerful heighteners such as sacred Pink Lotus, cleansing Orange & magnificent Juniper...our ultimate armour over danger & difficulty. Goddess Tara is the bodhisattva symbolizing the phoenix of spiritual rebirth. She is the speedy answer to all difficulties & situations in urgent need of rescue. 


This oil delivers divine peace through bold & resolute confrontation of old problems & paradigms. Its cleansing fire oils enables crystalline light to heal self-sabotage. Use when reorganizing one’s life or to resolve karmic issues at light speed. Apply to heart to transform hopelessness into the victoriousness of Green Tara! A scalp tonic with the added benefit of mental clarity!

Green Tara Phoenix Potion

SKU: 0009
  • Applications:

    This blend of fire oils is a rescue remedy for all urgent, hopeless & seemingly lost situations. It demands a renegotiation & reordering of all matters pertaining to the issue needing resolution. Confrontations lead to new resolutions, old issues are successfully aired & peace that can only come after a big clearing emerges gracefully.


    This oil imbues the wearer with a new sense of courage to tackle & confront their issues head on. It is a useful solution for those who have long suppressed needs that demand to be heard. Using Green Tara on the heart chakra opens up the courage to be heard.


    Many users have reported renewed energy & diminishing of health issues within a week of using this oil. Persistent health concerns such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome & thyroid imbalances have consistently improved with the application of this oil, even from the very first use. 


    Use in meditation. Anoint 3rd eye & heart, breathe in through cupped hands, visualising Green Tara rebirthing all concerns like a phoenix. Tara’s mantra ensures her speedy arrival. Applying this oil after a bath repairs damaged skin & heals eczema. Heals the scalp when used as a hair treatment & assists in hair growth.

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