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Journey on the Grail Trail of Mary Magdalene through her sacred powerspots in the South of France. Spend time downloading her codes to activate your remembrance to her Council of Light, the angels of the 7th Heaven, and hear the sound of their sacred tones of alchemical light of Transfiguration. 


This journey opens you to the stream of infinite wisdom of the Christ Collective, led by Mary Magdalene through the Dragon Grail that links Egypt, Avalon and France. The South of France journey ends with a Paris extension, to activate the final codes of the Fleur De Lys stargate of Mary Magdalene throughout the land. 


South of France Retreat: 7 October - 15 October (8 Days)

Villa Accomodation

3 Days at the St Baume Caves

5 Days at St Marie De la Mer

Horse Riding in Carmague

High Priestess Training Workshops

Water Rebirth Ceremonial Initiation

Mary Magdalene Healing Treatments

Van and car transport


Does not include:


Flights to location or to Paris


Experience the Cosmic Womb energies and be initiated within the temples of Mary Magdalene in France. Receive the messages of the sacred waters as you learn to scry through the wisdom of the Moon Oracles of Mary Magdalene, the ancient priestess tribe that rises to bring you back into your oracular gifts. This is a High Priestess training like no other, co-created by the Goddess and the land that welcomes you home to your sovereign power. 


Only 10 spaces are available for this intake. 


Paris Extension:

Travel to Paris for a final anchoring of the Magdalene codes through her ancient portals in Notre Dame, Sacre Couer, the Louvre and Chartres. Accomodation and transport are not included for the extension. The price of each day's workshops in various locations is 150 euro per day. There will be 2 full days of journeying to the various sites. Partial attendance of the day will be costed at the same rate. 



High Priestess of the Magdalene Royal Retreat

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