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Experience the Magdalene Reteat energies with our limited edition Holy Grail Bath Box, specially created with Bee Divine with Aurora Alchemy infusions and sacred substances. 


In your box:


Holy Grail Magdalene Bath Salt 

Sparkling copper ray Himalayan and Epsom bath salts infused with Mystic Rose Magdalene Potion, oragnic rose petals, organic lavender buds, frankincense powder, myrrh powder, Rose Absolute essential oil, shea butter, organic gold glitter

Shake salts into hot running bath water to begin your bath ritual. 


Holy Grail Ceremonial Bath Honey (20g)

Pure Raw Honey, Frankincense Powder, Organic Gold glitter, Gold & Saffron Mica powder, 24-carat gold powder, Mystic Rose Aurora Oil

Apply to face and shoulders, scrubbing gently. Relax into bath and allow honey to melt into the soothing waters. 


Revelations of the Magdalene Tea

Tumeric, Galangal, Black Pepper, Ginger powdered tea, organic edible gold glitter

A beautiful daily herbal healer and skin supplement

Add to warm coconut milk or water for a warming detoxifying brew to accompany your ritual. 





Holy Grail Ritual Bath Box

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