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Melt into this divine blend of White & Pink Lotus, sparkling high notes of Lemongrass & Lime, shades of dusky unforgettable blend of exquisite homecoming to Kwan Yin. The Goddess of Mercy connects all beings to peace & answers all cries for assistance.


Develop Kwan Yin’s pure vision through forgiveness & letting go of old hurts. Using this oil in the bath & before bedtime, as a sleep tonic, ensures a major clearing of the old in order to receive the new. This oil used in massage enhances parent-child bonding & aids in family communication. The Dragon energies create beneficial connections with powerful people. 

Kwan Yin Dragon Potion

SKU: 0010
  • Applications:

    Our beautiful Kwan Yin blend is the sweet scent of total connection to well-being. It assists in family bonding, as a tool for parent-child massage, calming the senses for deeper connection & can be used as a sleep inducer for a sound night of rest.


    This perfumed blend is meltingly evocative, incensing the senses into ever-increasing waves of bliss & relaxation. Mix with coconut oil for a full body massage rub or use directly on skin for a true shift & to release old hurts from the heart. 


    It is one of our most sought after oils for insomnia & high anxiety. Independent testers reported a marked improvement in sleep ratings after just 2 applications of Kwan Yin Dragon oil. Our other sleep oils which have tested brilliantly have been Virgin Mary Unicorn Potion & Instant Happiness. 


    This oil is a must for men looking to open up their heart chakra & become more expressive & loving. It allows the gentle emergence of the divine feminine from each person, in the genderless embodiment that is the Goddess Kwan Yin. 


    Apply the oil to back of neck, back of head & 3rd eye to enhance psychic clarity & fend off any attacks. Using this oil on the heart before sleep helps to unburden the weight carried by the soul. Give someone you love a massage with Kwan Yin & watch the changes rapidly transform them into new beings completely!

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