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Receive the Magdalene High Priestess Codes that are opening during her sacred week of arrival.


Each year on her Feast Day, Mary Magdalene downloads her light and energy through the Sirius - Lionsgate portal. In 2022, her power is roaring through the earth as she takes her place as Resurrected Queen of the World.


Through 7 days of pilgrimage through Magdalene temples, Mary Magdalene will unlock her Revelations and inspire the deepest awakenings within your sovereign temple. Glastonbury, the South of France, Paris and Egypt are some of the magical locations we will be journeying into as part of the Magdalene Rose Trail.


Her High Priestess code unseals ancient knowledge that is being carried in the body and the womb space. Healing will take place on a physical level as the Magdalene activates each vessel into remembrance. 



22 JULY - 28 JULY

11AM NZ (GMT+13)

Duration : 90 mins - 2 hours per day


Each journey day involves 1.5 - 2 hours of being in retreat with Mary Magdalene. This is a sacred appointment with the divine Goddess. It is best to clear your days from unneeded activity in order to best prepare to receive her lightning strong activations. 


At the end of this journey, you will be an Initiated High Priestess of Mary Magdalene with the knowledge of conducting basic blessing and healing rituals using sacred anointing oils. You will also be an initiated Guardian Priestess of sacred sites connected to the Magdalene Rose healing lines with basic understanding of coordinates and energy grids related to your personal sites. 


You may choose to attend this course with your camera on, and if you prefer, to switch your camera off for anonymity. Participation in sharing circles is completely voluntary for this pilgrimage experience. You will also have access to the week of recordings for replay. 



Mary Magdalene Feast Week : Pilgrimage of the High Priestess

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