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Experience the Healing Modality of the Monarch Butterflies, through the 8 alchemical essences from Aurora Alchemy. 


The world of vibrational essence healing opens up its magic as we gather with the tribe of golden light, the Monarch Butterflies, the world's top migrating species. Let the Monarchs' golden light frequencies infuse you with the soul codes of Christ Consciousness and soul healing. 


Each session of 8 training and healing practice workshops will delve into 1 alchemical essence, through an energy initiation, light language activation and accessing the healing flow of the essence through the training. Similar to initiations received during Reiki training, the energy therapies used will open your access to hold and flow with the Golden Light codes, celestial tones and star energy streams. 


There are 8 gateways to open to and work with, in order to be able to work with the entire essence range as a healing modality. After each session, you will be guided into practising and applying the energy in your life and healing practice.


Guides on this journey are : Mary Magdalene, Sarah La Kali, Jesus, the Golden Light dragons and the butterfly realm. 


Learn how to : 

- Heal with Golden Light

- Access the Golden Cosmic River of Healing 

- Understand the urgent key messages of the butterflies

- Learn Soul Kintsuji, the golden light healing repair technology of the monarchs

- Clear trauma, grief and soul wounding from this and past lifetimes

- Remote Heal to any space and any person

- Work with the Flower of Life codes

- Access the Mother Light Language 

- Create transformation and metamorphosis in your life and healing work


A total of 20 hours of learning will be offered for this modality, not including personal practice time during this transmission. Workbooks, charts and other materials are provided for this journey. 


This training course also initiates you into understanding how to perform Butterfly Detox Healing, which uses the essences and the Mother light language. You will receive a basic introduction to working with and activating this language for yourself.


(Further training in light language will be needed before being able to offer this professionally in your own practice)


This training course is extremely in-depth and immersive, equivalent to receiving 2-3 Butterfly Detox Healing sessions worth $555 each. This is an introductory price for our first online offering, and is unlikely to be offered in future at this rate.


Special rates available for Mothership and Aurora VIP members. Your coupon code will be sent to you. 


(Live training courses in this modality are offered at USD$1000 for 1 day's workshop and are usually fully booked out, so this is an opportunity like no other!) 


What you will need:

1. Comfortable, quiet space for transmission where you can also lie down

2. Receptivity and openness

3. Private time and space during training to practise

4. A person who can support you in this transformation process (not needed to live in the same house) and who you can send remote healing to

5. Time in nature and preferably with the butterflies

6. 20 hours of online time

7. To release doubt and resistance to receive miracles! 


What you will receive in this training course:

1. Initiations into working with Golden Light healing frequencies

2. Channel and heal with the monarchs

3. Understand the process of alchemy and the steps of transformation

4. Receive energy upgrades and detox healing treatments

5. Understand how to heal yourself and others with the Monarch Essence Range

6. Send remote healings to anywhere in the world

7. Work with the Christ Consciousness codes and Christ family of light

8. Learn Soul Kintsugi to heal fragments and cracks in the energy body

9. Activate your Light Language healing capabilities

10. Peace and upliftment through the process of transformation


Welcoming you into the world's first butterfly essence healing training course! It is time to fly into the future of super-natural healing. 


This course is suitable for healers called to work with this modality as well as for your own personal self-healing journey. Our training sessions are intimate circles guided for your soul discovery and awakening. 


Dates for training: (Mon, Wed, Fri Sessions)

July 7 (wed), 9 (fri), 12 (mon), 14 (wed), 16 (fri), 19 (mon), 21 (wed), 26(mon), 30 (fri)


Time: 8pm (approx. 2.5 hours per workshop)


bonus final session on 30th July - practitioner graduation ceremony! 

Monarch Essence Practitioner Training

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