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The air of Mystery is evoked with this blend of noble Tuberose, enlivening Geranium & sensuous Ylang Ylang...the love oil of the Essence of the Magdalene. The resurrection of the feminine Christ is the divine promise of the Second Coming. 


This oil empowers the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine, the kundalini, to stir.  It enables the rise of spiritual gifts & latent talents from past & present incarnations. It is a potion of Knowing, Authentic Truth & True Love. Use this oil to open to Tantric Alchemy & the Tantrika’s path through massaging & through goddess ritual & ceremony. Reclaim the sensual power of the Magdalene within your Divine Temple!   

Mystic Rose Magdalene Potion

SKU: 0012
  • Applications:

    This is a pure love potion, as it has been created with a blend of potent essential oils long linked to love & the heart. All the oils in this blend were chosen for their love vibrations, in order to create the finest love potion we could ever hope to make. 


    From our very first testing, users reported an overwhelming sense of mystery and inner sense of a bigger picture unfolding. The spicy herbal aroma is reminiscent of tropical spas & escaping into the refuge of bliss & peace. This oil opens you to vistas as yet unknown while priming you to receive greater creative inspiration. 


    Use as an activation oil up the spinal column. Massage oil into either side of spine to eliminate the parasites & viruses that breed in this area, causing disease. 


    This is definitely a must-have oil for couples hoping to reignite or start the sparks flying. The aphrodisiac properties of love oils are well-known & highly regarded as the ultimate aim of perfumery. Safe for tantric massage. Dilute with coconut oil for sensitive skin.

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