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A phenomenal blend of deep Spikenard, Egyptian Lotus, exquisite Bulgarian Rose & ancient Elemi evoke the feeling of a magical cloak, the legendary Wings of the Swan. Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom, restores lost dreams through her symbol of true love & alchemical union.


This oil creates THE instant shift into your Royal Sovereign Self. Wearing it all over stirs up deep feelings of ownership & command over one’s domain or empire. Within one application, witness your transformation into authentic beauty & power. This rich blend allows for space to breathe & room to lift off and fly! Liberate the wild swan within....

Swan Shift Saraswati Potion

SKU: 0016
  • Applications:

    Apply Swan Shift as the ultimate cloak of empowerment by which to take flight and soar! This decadently luxurious oil contains over the top quantities of specially sourced Rose Absolute and Spikenard, the oil that Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus' feet with before the crucifixion, as the holy oil of initiating metamorphosis.


    Mingling with herbal notes of spicy Gingergrass, the "God Oil" of Elemi and the "Antiviral Demon-chaser" Ravensara, the aroma of Swan Shift overtakes the senses, incenses the spirit, overwhelms negativity and restriction, while liberating latent qualities, talents and skills to rise and flower.


    As the final oil to be mixed in the Aurora Alchemy range, this recipe contains the highest quantities of precious essential oils as well as our rarest ingredients of precious Rose and exotic healing herbals used in ancient tradition. It is a rare and remarkable blend that has truly extraordinary effects on the spirit and the body. 


    Anoint this oil all over upper torso to activate the "Wings of Light".

    Apply on wrists for energy boosts all through a stressful day.

    Rub onto feet to enable the oil to penetrate the body, organs and restore you on a cellular level. When applied onto soles of feet, the essential oils in the potion take 21 minutes to affect every cell in the body. 

    Add to baths and post-bath rituals for a sense of transcendent wellbeing. 

    A drop applied to forehead and temples before sleep will aid in relaxation, accessing dream answers and waking up rested and restored. 


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