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In our 3 part soul activation series, we invite you to join us in a Retreat for the Soul. 


Anchor your cosmic Avatar body and light energy codes with 3 powerful transmissions from:


Mary Magdalene and the Call of the Oracle (Part 1)


Mother of the World Oversoul Download (Part 2)


Excalibur and the Triple Goddess Gem Body (Part 3)


These are deep meditation and channelled healing sessions which require space and time to unfold. 


It is recomended you allow at least 24 hours between each transmission to fully integrate these energies. 


In this first part, the Goddess Mary Magdalene anchors her mystic temples around the world with a transmission of True Christ Light. She expands on the Return of the Divine Feminine and the rise of the prophetesses of her lineage. 


Sacred codes of the Rose are transmitted during this 8 minute meditation, creating a resonance field of the Magdalene Ray.


The alchemy of Mary Magdalene is a pathway of mystic union with the source. Through transfiguration, the Magdalene achieved godhood while within her human form. A transformer of even the most terrifying energies, the sound of the Call of the Oracle transports you to the Seat of your Soul and liberates the divine essence within. 


Lie down on your back, body in full relaxation, to receive this download of light. Doing a healing ritual before or after this transmission is highly recommended. 


You will also begin a connection to Mary Magdalene and her advanced alchemical teachings. When the light vibrations of the crop circle seeds are included in an elixir and prepared in the right way, the geometic patterns and templates of the Magdalene earth temples may be transmitted into the physical energy body and prove transformative. 





The Call of the Magdalene (Part 1)

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